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A society where people can feel the joy of working.
ETRIA will contribute to the realization of this through our manufacturing capabilities.

Business Summary

Offering products and services that boast advanced technology and high quality, we have earned the trust of many in a variety of industries.
Currently, Etria's main business is the supply of products to our parent companies Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Toshiba Tec Corporation.

Business Summary

Company Information

ETRIA is an up-and-coming company established with the different strengths of its two parent companies. We combine our superb technical capabilities and extensive experience to provide innovative products and services. Along with a message from our president, we will bring you our business summary, mission, vision, and values in detail.

Katsunori Nakata, Representative Director

Katsunori Nakata,
Representative Director

Offices & Affiliated Companies

ETRIA utilize our global network to grow our offices and affiliated companies throughout various regions. Each location works together to create a system in which customer needs can be met quickly and efficiently.